resume for freshers

Resume For Freshers

So you spent all those years in school, busting your behind just to keep up with grades. But after many sleepless nights, you finally graduate!

First and foremost congratulations, I know firsthand that graduating from college is no easy task. It takes a lot of effort and dedication. Not everyone has the patience to sit in front of countless boring classes for years just to get a piece of paper.

But that doesn’t matter anymore, because you finally graduated! Mom and Dad are probably as excited as you, and your Aunt Sally is also very proud of you, in fact they all probably went to see you at your graduation.

Life is great, after so much effort, you finally got what you wanted, a college degree!

As the days settle, you wake up a few days later and think to yourself, crap; this paper is worth nothing unless I get a job!

And you are correct my friend, other than the personal satisfaction of completing your degree and the countless kisses and hugs from your family, your degree is worth its weight in paper unless you put it to work.

Great so I’ll just go get a job. Simple right…

Well, there is more to it that than. You can’t just send out copies of your pretty degree to a bunch of potential employees, they will probably wipe their behinds with it and throw it right in the trash, what you need is a resume! A resume for freshers to be exact.

Resume for Fresher’s Looking for the First Job

One of the main components of a resume is job experience. Potential employees often look at this part of your resume to determine if your past job experiences can fit their organization. They are also looking to make sure you have no employment gaps since they usually indicate trouble finding jobs.

Another important reason why most employees look at your job experiences is that they don’t want people that can’t keep a steady job.

I have seen hundreds of resumes that list 10 or more jobs in their job experience field in the span of a year or two. This will automatically raise eyebrows and usually results in that resume getting thrown right in the trash.

As a resume fresher, you not only lack experience, you have none!

Companies spend thousands of dollars in everyone they hire, just to train them, so why would they hire someone with absolutely no experience, who for all they know might leave a month later?

How can you convince a potential employee to hire you if he or she cannot tell whether you are reliable or a potential job hopper?

Don’t worry, there are ways to get employees to look past your lack of experience, in fact, some of us prefer fresher resumes. People that have been in the field for a while have a lot of experience, but they also come with bad habits and poor training. This is where you are a fresher have an advantage.

Your job is to make the rest of your resume good enough, so that the potential recruiters can look past your lack of experience.

So, where do I start?

fresher-resume-formatFresher’s Resume Format

Most resumes follow the following format; contact information, objective, education, work experience, Honors and Awards, Skills, and References.

In the case of a resume for freshers, the format changes a bit. You see, since we cannot list work experience in your resume, we have to strengthen every other part of the resume.

For the duration of this article, I will give you some tips and tricks that will get your resume to stand out and make other people’s resume – including those with more experience – look like toilet paper.

The first part of formatting your resume is the look and feel of it. Before you even write the first word, you want to make sure your resume looks clean, and above all else, that it stands out.

As a recruiter, I usually go thru a daily pile of hundreds of boring plain black and white looking resumes. It gets to the point that I cannot tell one from the other.

But every once in a while, one resume will stand out from the rest.

If you went to a concert and wanted to stand out from the rest of the crowd you probably would wear a highlighted shit and some crazy hair, yet when it comes to resumes, everyone just wants to blend in with the rest of the herd.

Your job is to be the purple cow. The one person that stands out from the rest.

I’m not telling you to send in a green highlighter looking resumes, please don’t. What I’m trying to say is that you should not follow normal protocol. Often times in life, you have to take risks. Some won’t pay off, but more often than not, those that stand out will outshine the rest of the wondering sheep.

Remember, the sheep usually get slaughtered.

What you want to do is enhance the one thing that makes you a desirable hire. In most companies, managers and owners are looking for people that think outside the box, especially now days.

We all want to hire innovators and creative thinkers. Boring logical people are no longer cool.

So as a fresher, you have one big advantage that you should explode. What you lack in experience, you make up for in youth and fresh ideas. As a fresher your resume should reflect this.

Spend a couple of dollars or have a friend design you a nice looking resume with some color in it. Make sure it looks professional and clean. Once your fresher resume is designed and complete, take the design to a local print shop and print it out on the quality thick paper – I have seen resumes done in letter press before and have been very impressed.

This is just the first step to getting you an advantage, the next step is the resume content itself.

resume-for-freshers-designsThe Content of a Fresher Resume

Now that you have a standout look and design in mind, it’s time to fill it up with quality content.

Like I was telling you earlier, I look at hundreds of resumes every day, and 99 percent of them are incredible boring. There are so many old fashioned books that tell you how to fill out a resumes, but there is a problem with this. The repetitions of these styles have made resumes incredibly mundane.

The all read the same, as if they were spit out from the same factory;

Successfully managed the operation of a nationalized team of associates and contributed to the overall cohesiveness of the team…blah, blah, blah…

The same boring crap!

Instead of trying to coping what everyone else is doing, try to be genuine.

Think of what would be your ideal job, the ideal company. Research some of the companies in your field. Put yourself in the shoes of the owners of the company. Who would be their ideal employee?

Would it be someone that just writes the same old boring fresher style resumes every other graduate does, or would they prefer someone that stands out from the crowd?

Put yourself in the shoes of the person that will hire you, and let them know how you can help them. It is a psychological fact that human beings care more about what you can do for them, not the other way around. It is your job to think as the company would and list all the things you would be able to do for their company.

Don’t worry about your lack of experience as a newly graduated college fresher. Instead, think about your skills and dedication. Tell them how your creative drive and young brain can help their company go to the next level. Write about your desires and hunger, about your ever growing motivation to start your career. Let them feel how much you love your field of study and let the passion pour out of every letter you write.

This is how a resume for freshers should be written. Don’t follow the standard rules or you will always be just that, the standard.

Congratulations again, and best of luck to you.

Remember, keep your head up and don’t be afraid to take a little risk. You are young and should be excited about the life and career ahead of you.

Your resume as a fresher doesn’t have to be a hindrance, in fact it can become an advantage.


The Art of the Customer Service Resume

This great guide to resume writing will teach you to write a resume equal to a resume written by a professional. It provides examples, format options, tips to writing the objective, the summary as well as other sections. It truly is one of the most trusted customer service resume writing guide on the planet, applied by hundreds of people every year.

Writing an awesome resume doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll want to follow the rules you hear by way of the grapevine. It doesn’t need to be a page or follow a particular resume format. Every single customer service resume is actually a one-of-a-kind marketing and intelligent way communication. It must be proper to your scenario and do precisely what you need it to do. Rather of a bunch of rules and suggestions, we’re going to cut to the chase in this brief guide and present you probably the most simple principles of writing a extremely useful resume.

Who’re we to be telling you tips on how to write your resume? As component of our career consulting practice, we have coached and advised Fortune 500 C.E.O.s, senior members of the last couple of presidential administrations, thousands of mid and early career specialists, artists, technical persons and other people in practically just about every field of endeavor. Continue reading


Resume Recommendations

Does your resume make an impact?

Have a look at yourself, establish your strategy and begin getting ready to wow and impress. Your resume, cover letter, employment interview and, if you’re a developer, your portfolio requires significant planning. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get away from them. They’re each a fundamental element of the career searching process.

Where do you begin?

Create a list

  •     Talents
  •     Skills
  •     Attributes
  •     Ask friends/colleagues

Resume Structure

Resume Format
Based on where you stand within your career you need to figure out the order of these portions:

  • Education – diplomas, training, classes
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Honors & Awards

You need to concentrate on achievements that are linked to the position you are hoping to acquire – volunteer work, assignments, organizations you are part of and network at, any panel positions you possess or committees you’re active in

The content of your resume

  • A typical mistake is wanting to express almost everything about you inside your resume
  • You ought to say enough for your job interviewer to have a sense of your credentials without discovering your whole life history
  • Your resume ought to be success-driven or accomplishment-oriented
  • Contain at the most 4 to 6 factors per job
  • Do add your name and contact details (name, email, home address, phone numbers)
  • You could also incorporate goal, brief summary, profile, computer and language skills, awards and actions, organizations, foreign travel, military services, etc.

The terminology

  • It is essential to pick key phrases for your resume as many organizations use an applicant monitoring program that looks for key phrases
  • Use action verbs, like “developed”, “handled”, “put in place”, designed”, “introduced” “built in”, “communicated”, etc.
  • Include quantitative achievements such as “increased sales by 10%”, “managed staff of 10 designers overseas”, “implemented a new process”, etc.

The page layout

  • Your resume ought to be easy on the eyes
  • Chronological
  • Format left, don’t justify
  • Bullets are audience friendly
  • Use easy typefaces like Arial. Cursive and vanity typefaces are not as easy to see and can disturb the employer from the facts about the document
  • Keep the length of the font big enough to be read very easily. Normally, 12 points is the most compact you must go and 14 points the biggest

How you can perfect it

If you wish to set things right ., run your eye over the first draft and ask your self these kinds of questions:

Is it clear and understandable?

Don’t make it hard. Ensure that it stays clean. This isn’t time for very long, poetic phrases.If a person has to work too much to understand your resume, it’ll more likely be thrown away. Seriously.

Is is easy to scan thru ?

Adhere to the 10 second rule.

If you fail to understand the complete picture in that period of time, nobody else will either! This means there’s a lot going on in your resume. Modify. Up-date. Remove. Remove.

Am I formatting properly?

If you’re mailing your resume, you have to make certain it’s readable to the readers. Don’t deliver a resume that isn’t formatted properly.

Best of luck in your job hunting adventures!
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1. Tell me about yourself:

This is probably the most commonly asked question asked. The best way to address it is by preparing a small speech before you go into the interview. Make sure it does not sound like you rehearsed it. Limit it to work related subjects unless you are asked about something specific. You can talk about some of your accomplishment at other jobs.

2. What happened with your last job?

This is a question that can be tough to answer. What ever you do, don’t bring up issues with supervision and never speak about your previous co-workers or the company. Stay positive and talk about how you left to find career growth and other opportunities. Continue reading


Customer Service Resume Tips and Suggestions

Are you trying to find a job?

Ask yourself this question: How good is Your Resume?

The fact is that most people have boring and plain resume papers and you are probably one of these people.

Due to the economic crisis of recent years, the amount of jobs available has decreased. This is causing competition to be fierce and forcing people to get creative with the resumes.

If you’re one of these people, your first task should be to create a resume that not only serves its original purpose but also stands out from the rest of the pile.

The design of your customer service resume:

One way to impress your future employer is to create a resume that looks good, clean and creative. Your resume needs to be different to be able to stand out from the rest. Don’t be afraid to be creative. You can use different colors and themes and apply it to your resume.

If you lack creativity, you can search in Google and look for creative resume styles to get some ideas from other people’s examples.

Please make sure you go for elegance, common sense and good taste. Applying all the colors of the rainbow to your customer service resume will not exactly improve your chances of getting the job.

The length of your resume models:

There are many people that will argue that you should put every detail of your past life in your resume, along with every bit of information and skills you can think of but this is far from true.

Put yourself in the hands of the person going over resumes. Your resume is probably one in a pile of many others and reading every single one of them line by line is not exactly a fun task. Now imagine how pleased an interviewer is going to be when he has to read a resume that is two or three pages long.

Keep your resume simple and add only your most important information in a clean and orderly format.

Focus your resume on the job you are going for:

Since this is a customer service resume, you need to focus your content on this area. Customer service requires good personal and communication skills. You need to be able to solve a customer’s problem and also be able to establish long term relationships with this customer.

Your future employer will be looking for parts in your resume that pertain to the customer service skills needed to succeed. It is important for you to highlight the skills and experiences you can bring to your employer to increase your chances of being hired.

Think of your resume as a sales letter and your employer as a potential buyer. If the buyer is looking for apples, there is no point on trying to sell him potatoes.

Keep your head up and follow the tips on this article. Once you have a good quality customer service resume, make sure you distribute it to as many potential employers as possible.

The more resumes you pass out the greater your chances are of getting hired. Stay positive and get ready to start 2012 with a positive step towards your new career.


10 Inspirational Resume Designs

Customer Service Resume

A resume is the key to getting you an invitation for an interview, and hopefully, a job. But if your resume is normal and boring, it will just blend in with the rest of the boring pile of resumes.

Taking some time to create a unique resume, will increase your chances exponentially. Lets be real, if you were an employee looking to at a pile of plain looking resumes, you are not going to read them all. It is important to make yours stand out of the pile so that it does get read. It might also get you some extra points for creativity.

Here are some examples of creative resumes that should serve as inspiration: